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This Doctor Had Zero Chill When It Came To His Bad Yelp Reviews

May 29, 2016 -- Yahoo News One bad Yelp review has the power to dismantle an entire business, or even a doctor's practice, in this day in age. The reviews site allows patients to review their experience with doctors and specialists, and also gives said doctors the ability to clap back — hard.

The Washington Post reported on negative reviews addressing several practices throughout the country from upset patients and found doctors were blunt, and sometimes just downright shady, toward those who had anything bad to say about their practices. Those doctors often illegally went against HIPAA by acknowledging reviewers were their patients, and went on further to divulge confidential patient medical histories.

When Angela Grijalva wrote about her and her daughter's experience at Maximize Chiropractic in Sacramento, Calif., chiropractor Tim Nicholl fired back at her one-star review, while defying HIPAA laws in the process.

Grijalva recounted her daughter allegedly being told by Nicholl she could possibly have scoliosis, but wouldn't be able to find out until she took X-rays at her next appointment: a potential diagnosis which caused her grief in school, her mother told the Post.

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